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Diehard Enterprises

Life Coaching and More!
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Welcome to Diehard Enterprises Life Coaching and More! At Diehard Enterprises, we specialize in providing the "pause" in life that individuals need to reflect upon and assess their life status.  What you'll discover at Diehard Enterprises is our focus on each individual's needs and aligning them with the resources we have.  So come in, look around, we hope to help you discover what you need to be healed and whole.  We look forward to taking the journey together!

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About Diehard Enterprises

Diehard Enterprises, influenced by faith in Jesus Christ, is a results driven organization that provides Life Coaching and other services that address the needs of all people groups regardless of ability, identity, race, religion, gender, or age.  

Let us walk with you on your journey to wholeness.  Whether it takes helping you get into shape physically by designing a nutritional menu, mentally and emotionally by identifying and incorporating life skills and strategies or financially, with a financial plan, we will be right there beside you. 

Have a nonprofit organization? Have you been awarded a grant?  Are you seeking a grant? Let us assist you on acquiring more and/or plan a budget for the funds  to maximize the use of federal/government or local  funding.

If your looking for diversity and fun, Diehard Enterprises provides the "Healing Space" for small or large groups, and "Diehard Diaries" for reflection or to jump start your day!

Here at Diehard Enterprises, we want to meet you where you are (no judging) and take you where you want to be. Let's Go!

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Diehard Enterprises


OMG!!! Living life, learning its lessons and enduring the twists and turns has brought me to this place. A platform where we can talk about mental health issues, life goals, relationships (with other people, things and yourself), Heath and Fitness, just to name a few. As a Life Coach I offer a safe place where you can feel free to be yourself, ask questions you may think senseless, or just share your innermost feelings without judgement.  I am here to assist you! If you don't see a topic or area important to you, let me know and we 'll do our best to accommodate  with the appropriate services and training styles.  Contact me today. Let's Go! Together!

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TEAM Members

At Diehard Enterprises, we are concerned about the whole person and your abilities to accomplish your dreams, pursue your passions and obtain methods to make them manifest in this lifetime. We offer The Healing Space, Diehard Diaries, Financial and Nutrition Analysis, Spiritual guidance and Grant writing to name a few.

Calvin Edghill, Karen Richardson-Wagner, and Trina Lamb are here to assist you.

Changing your life is easier than you think. Contact us and lets get started!

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