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Do I need a Life Coach?

Life happens, responsibility happens, overwhelming situations happen and beliefs that limit success happen.  Change is hard, and benchmarks and goals take committment.  Transitioning to something new can be scary and create anxiety.  Past experiences, doubt, and old habits can interfere with progress and success.  If you relate to any of these statements, a Life Coach can definintely help you.

How Can a Life Coach Help Me?

A LIfe Coach helps you dream big, create a vision for your life and chart a course to get there.  

A Life Coach  holds you accountable in order to acheive your goals, reminding you the ultimate reason why you're in the game.

A Life Coach challenges you to reach your maximum potential, not giving up until you get there. 

A Life Coach helps to identify the purpose in your pain and the meanings of the challenges in your life.

A Life Coach helps you keep your negativity bias in check, so you can develop and maintain a mindset for success.

A Life Coach will help you stay on track when things become overwhelming and distractions come in like a flood. 

A Life Coach is like having your own personal cheerleader, when everyone else may be saying it's impossible, your coach says "definintely possible, "Let's Go"!

Life Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is more focusd on helping you acheive your future goals, identify skills needed to do so and the implementation of these skills.  Therapy has a past and present focus; Healing from your past to make a better future.  Both help people to grow, master problems, and become effective in their lives.

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