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Where We Do It 

(In person and virtually, small or large group)

Take a "pause" and breathe. 

The Healing Space offers various topics, activities and strategies to overcome the pitfalls of life.

Our knowledge and holistic approach will be beneficial for your personal growth and development.  While participating in the Healing Space events, you will experience a transformation in your thinking as you engage in the REST System to take the steps necessary to achieve a fulfilling life.  What are you waiting for? We're here to help. Let’s jump start your personal journey. Reach out today.  

Healing Spaces can be done individually or in groups. All of our 1 0n 1's, classes and courses can be executed in the Healing Space.

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Healing Space: About

The Healing Space

& the R.E.S.T. System

A life changing event, the Healing Space is a feature attraction of Diehard Enterprises.  Find solutions, rediscover your focus, develop a plan of action.  Anything is possible at the Healing Space when REST is established.

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We help you to disconnect from habits and coping mechanisms that are not beneficial to achieving your goals.   

We support you as you (re) establish your purpose and identity.  Refocus your mind, merge your passion, your drive and lay the foundation for your life's path.

Try something new, start over or get unstuck, we'll help you to consider all the possibilities.


Like Captain Kirk on the Star Trek Enterprise, we'll help you to get energized by identifying your goals and make them a reality.



We'll walk with you as you consider what lies ahead!  There's so much out there, but what's for you? Our Life Coach, Health and Wellness Consultant will assist in discovering and finding your optimal choices. Slow down, let's SAVOR our life and our moments of love.


We will make sure your heart, body and mind come into balance. This is where decisions to act and the actions needed occur.  What are you waiting for? Book a session for your group or organization today!

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Healing Space: Services

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

"I had a wonderful time at "The Healing Space".  It was an excellent time for growing, healing and relaxing yourself to find your truth. 

                                           I am so excited to attend the next one".                                                   


The Healing Space helped me  to actually think about different aspects of my life.


"I enjoyed my experience and felt open to share.  It felt safe and the other women were also vulnerable to the process".


"The Healing Space helped me identify some limiting beliefs and address how to move past them".

T. Brown

Healing Space: Testimonials
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